The authentic story

Traditional Moroccan cuisine is on the rise in our Europe. Because of the richness in taste, smell and color, because of the healthy products, but also because of the special experience and preparation methods. In addition, of course, because the many inhabitants of Europe with a Moroccan background maintain the connection with their culture through the food and drink of Moroccan dishes and drinks. About time to get acquainted with the wonderful essence of this kitchen.

Walk into a Moroccan market (souq) and you are immediately welcomed by bags of fresh herbs displayed in various market stalls. Spices in different colors, with delicious scents can be found and the tastiest dishes can be made with them.

These herbs are used in various quantities in the well-known Moroccan dishes, such as tajine, harissa, harira and couscous, and are therefore delicious when marinating chicken, meat or fish.
Sens Maroc’s tasteful and authentic product line is built around these themes. Sens Maroc means “the senses of Morocco” .. the authentic flavors from his mother’s kitchen were used by former chef and culinary advisor Aziz Ouchan to shape the composition of his sauces, marinades and components.

He personally selects the high-quality ingredients and herbs and spices from his motherland.
Experience a day of Moroccan culinary adventure, with the flavors and scents of Sens Maroc.
By cooperating with the right partners in storage and distribution, Sens Maroc is able to efficiently market its traditionally produced products and at the same time is able to continue to work on product innovation.
Sens Maroc listens to the consumption needs of the new generation and applies the kitchen secrets of the traditional North African kitchens to meet them.



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