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Product range

Pearl couscous range

Article numberDescriptionOriginPackagingT.U.
2020091Pearl NaturalCanadaBig Bag909 kg
2012616Pearl NaturalCanadaBag20 kg
2021025Pearl NaturalIsraëlBig Bag500 kg
2020090Pearl TricoloreCanadaBig Bag909 kg
2012612Pearl TricoloreCanadaBag20 kg
2021027Pearl TricoloreIsraëlBig Bag500 kg
2020092Pearl Whole WheatCanadaBig Bag909 kg
2013462Pearl Whole WheatCanadaBag20 kg
2019092Pearl TurmericCanadaBig Bag909 kg
2019096Pearl TurmericCanadaBag20 kg
2019090Pearl Tomato CanadaBig Bag909 kg
2019095Pearl Tomato CanadaBag20 kg
2021051Pearl SpinachCanadaBig Bag909 kg
2021052Pearl SpinachCanadaBag20 kg

Conventional couscous range

Article numberDescriptionOriginpackagingT.U.
2013474Couscous TomatoCanadaBig Bag909 kg
2012608Couscous TomatoCanadaBag25 kg
2013475Couscous SpinachCanadaBig Bag909 kg
2012610Couscous SpinachCanadaBag25 kg
2013477Couscous TricoloreCanadaBig Bag909 kg
2012606Couscous TricoloreCanadaBag25 kg
2020092Couscous Whole WheatCanadaBig Bag909 kg
2019103Couscous Whole WheatCanadaBag25 kg
2020366Couscous Whole WheatItalyBag20 kg
2019101Couscous Moyen CanadaBig Bag909 kg
2019104Couscous Moyen CanadaBag25 kg
2021023Couscous Moyen ItalyBag20 kg


Article numberDescriptionOriginPackagingT.U.
2021045Kids Couscous Star shapesIsraelBig Bag500 kg
2021046Kids Couscous Animal shapesIsraelBig Bag500 kg
2021047Kids Couscous Heart shapesIsraelBig Bag500 kg
2021048Kids Couscous ABC letter shapesIsraelBig Bag500 kg
2021049Kids Couscous 123 number shapesIsraelBig Bag500 kg
2021050Kids Couscous shapesIsraelBig Bag500 kg

Kids Couscous also available in organic, spelt and whole wheat

T.U. = Trade Unit