sens maroc

The company

Sens Maroc BV is a compact and professional organization. The knowledge of the North African and Middle East products and market is unique in Europe.
Sens Maroc BV offers its customers:

  • A balanced product range.
  • International network for the right purchasing sources, both at the top of the market (highest quality) and in the market where the best purchasing price applies.
  • Sales and distribution network within the Benelux and Northern Europe.
  • Authority in quality control in product and logistics.
  • Sens Maroc supports companies in designing concepts and applying recipes.
  • Sens Maroc recognizes the distinction and finds the right products for all markets and knows how to buy them from all over the world and to deliver them all over Europe, under the right conditions and with the correct labeling.

Products and services

  • Complete range of Moroccan products.
  • North African and Middle Eastern kitchen products.
  • Exclusive distributor for Europe of premium quality Zinda line www.zindaproducts.com.
  • Platform for the above products for Food-service, Retail and meals industry in the Benelux, Germany, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.
  • SKAL, ISO 22000 and IFS Certified.
  • Logistics network and partnership to purchase internationally and deliver just-in-time throughout Europe.
  • Warehouse in the immediate vicinity of Rotterdam for storage in all various conditions and transfer all over Europe.
  • Partnership with specialist for customized repackaging or Privat Label.