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How I grew up and experienced the kitchen of my Mother Yamna El Ouafrassi (90) is that the round table in the living room of Yamna in the 1970s was completely full, several times a day. Not only because we grew up with 8 children at home, but because the Moroccan food culture is very extensive and a real social experience. Neighbors, friends and family joined at different times every day. News was exchanged, gossiped, laughed and serious life issues discussed. And especially; they enjoyed .. the rich Moroccan cuisine.

Intriguing Moroccan cuisine is known worldwide for many products in harmony with each other. Thereby; a lot of creativity, precision and presentation. Moroccan cuisine has a lot of outside influences. This popular kitchen has traces of French, Spanish, Greek, Jewish, Turkish, Portuguese and African cuisine. Yet real Moroccan cuisine descends from original Berbers (Yamna’s origin), the first inhabitants of North Africa. Each family and region has its own recipes that are passed on from mother to daughter or son and thus, despite a lot of developments in the country, the classic and traditional dishes remain the most popular! Yamna has passed on this passion and love for Moroccan cuisine to son Aziz Ouchan with 1 personal message from Yamna to son: Share Traditional Premium ‘Cuisine Marocaine’ with Europe to push boundaries and share knowledge! And that is why Aziz would like you to take a look at Premium ‘Cuisine Marocaine’, to discover the real experience of a traditional “day of culinary Morocco”.


Maroccan Breakfast

breakfast is extensive. with tasty breakfast options.

Such as eg Moroccan, brown and white bread toasted by Yamna herself on a “Mejmar”

(a Moroccan charcoal grill of earthenware)

Fried egg with tomato slices and olive oil

Moroccan mint tea


Black olives

Citrus jam

Real butter White cheese (homemade)

Harcha (Semolina rolls)

Msemen (Moroccan pancake)

Baghrir (a fluffy Moroccan pancake)


Citrus marmalade

Orange juice


Lunch Couscous (often on Friday = a day of prayer)

Tajine with: Meat, chicken, vegetables Fritura (Fried fish), fish from the oven

With salads: salad Marocaine, cucumber salads, roman lettuce, onion, tomato and dressing. Olives green in different flavors

Hot or cold tapenades: Zaalouk (aubergine tapenade), Taktouka (grilled peppers and tomato with olive oil), Bkoul (purslane of purslane, whole black olives, garlic, cumin and olive oil)

Tajine white beans with veal or lamb cubes, tajine herbs ras el hanout, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and coriander.

Tajine Lentils with veal cubes, tagine herbs or ras el hanout, tomatoes, coriander, olive oil, garlic and carrot Tajine split peas (Moroccan pea soup)

Tajine Chickpeas with veal, raisins and rice (specialty from Tangier)


Merinda (4th hour)

Shfenj (Moroccan Beignet)

F’kakes (Moroccan sweet rolls) (sweet rolls with orange blossom water, anise) is often given to invitees during weddings, together with various cookies on a cardboard tray and wrapped around it with a ribbon. In other words, bridal sugars in a Moroccan way)

Msemen (Moroccan Pancakes), Baghrir (a fluffy Moroccan pancake with lots of holes. Served with honey, Marmalade Amlou (Argan pasta) , Honey Real butter Pastry / Moroccan biscuits (various Moroccan biscuits and French patisserie) , Moroccan mint tea (green tea with mint and lots of sugar) is one Evening meal

  • Tajine meat with vegetables and potatoes
  • Tajine meat with meat gravy, plum or apricot, roasted almonds and boiled egg.
  • Tajine chicken with gravy, candied lemon, green olives, pieces of chicken livers and boiled egg
  • Tajine fish from the oven with slices of potatoes, red pepper, tomato, candied lemon, Charmoula marinade and fresh peas.
  • Pastilla chicken (Filo pastry filled with chicken, ras el hanout, cinnamon, roasted almonds, coriander and egg)
  • Tajine Kefta (meatball with tagine meat herbs, tomatoes, garlic, coriander, bell pepper and egg)

With Salad Maroccaine: An Orange salad with cinnamon, orange blossom water and a little sugar.


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